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Company and Organizational Membership

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In addition to the traditional individual membership, Kiwanis International now allows companies and nonprofit organizations the opportunity to become members of a local Kiwanis club.  The organization holds the membership and designates an employee or volunteer to attend the Kiwanis meetings as their representative.  The designated individual has all the privileges of membership and can become a leader in the club.  If that individual leaves the company or agency, then the organization will simply designate another individual to become the representative to the club.

Advantages to a local company include recognition for working with Kiwanis, a leading service organization; and a vehicle for allowing their employees to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of children and families in the Brampton community.  Companies that want to be "good corporate citizens" find this membership appealing because they recognize the value of affiliation with a well-respected service organization like Kiwanis.  An added plus: The corporate member represents company interests within the club and develops a relationship between the company, Kiwanis and other community groups.


When a local nonprofit organization obtains membership, a deeper relationship begins to form between that organization and the Kiwanis Club of Brampton and its members.  The club supports over 20 community partners with new groups being added regularly.  The best way for the club to be aware of the needs of an organization is to have a member of that agency regularly interacting with our members.  This is most easily done through regular attendance at our meetings as an organizational member.  Our organizational members benefit by obtaining volunteer service hours from our members and friends, and through monetary awards that support their local programs.  In addition, our club can provide support with fundraising and grant applications.


Corporate and Organizational membership is $175.00/year, plus a one-time application fee of $50.00.  For additional information and an application, please contact Esther Menezes-Roberts at